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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

liquored-up !

1. to confuse, as with glib statements or arguments.
2. to make muddled or stupidly drunk.

1. to confuse, as with glib statements or arguments.
2. to make muddled or stupidly drunk.

1. curved; crooked: a bent back.
2. determined; set; resolved: bent on succeeding.
3. Chiefly Brit. a. corrupt.

1. to stupefy with drink.
2. to make stupid or foolish, esp. with infatuation.

1. a. To lose consciousness or memory temporarily: blacked out at the podium.

1. blighted; ruined.
2. damned; confounded.
3. Slang. drunk.

3. not characterized or determined by reason or control:

blind chance.
4. not based on reason or intelligence; absolute and unquestioning: blind faith.
5. lacking all consciousness or awareness: a blind stupor.
6. drunk.

6. to attack, defeat, or destroy with or as if with a blitz.

Slang 1. very drunk.

Slang 1. drunk.

Slang 1. completely intoxicated or drugged; stoned.


4. Slang. drunk.

1. to batter severely; strike heavily.
2. to defeat decisively; drub; trounce.
3. to denounce or criticize vigorously.

2. Slang.
a. .off center; tilted or slanted to one side
b. foolish; absurd.
c. intoxicated; drunk.


Slang 1. drunk.

50. Slang. drunk.

1. to reduce (a thing) to useless fragments or a useless form, as by smashing or burning; injure beyond repair; demolish
2. to put an end to; extinguish.
3. to kill; slay.
4. to render ineffective or useless; neutralize; invalidate.
5. to defeat completely.

Slang 1. a dipsomaniac; habitual drunk.

1. being in a temporary state in which one's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of alcoholic drink; intoxicated.
2. overcome or dominated by a strong feeling or emotion: drunk with passion.
3. pertaining to or caused by intoxication or intoxicated persons.


1. a strong feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being, feeling-no-pain, flying
11. without being fastened to a yard, stay, or the like: a sail set flying.

2. Slang.a. drunk; inebriated. b. intoxicated from drugs; high.

1. affected with vertigo; dizzy.
2. attended with or causing dizziness: a giddy climb.
3. frivolous and lighthearted; impulsive; flighty.

1. staggering, as from exhaustion or blows.
2. dazed and weakened, as from lack of sleep.
3. Archaic. drunk; intoxicated.

2. To beat into a shape with or as if with a hammer: hammered out the dents in the fender; hammered out a contract acceptable to both sides.
3. To put together, fasten, or seal, particularly with nails, by hammering.
4. To force upon by constant repetition: hammered the information into the students' heads.
v. intr. 1. To deal repeated blows with or as if with a hammer; pummel: " Wind hammered at us violently in gusts " Thor Heyerdahl
2. To undergo beating in the manner of a hammer: My pulse hammered.(?)

14. intoxicated or euphoric under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.


44. Slang. a. to become extremely drunk.

1. to make drunk; intoxicate.
2. to exhilarate, confuse, or stupefy mentally or emotionally.

19. in one's cups intoxicated; drunk.

1. to affect temporarily with diminished physical and mental control by means of alcoholic liquor, a drug, or another substance, esp. to excite or stupefy with liquor.
2. to make enthusiastic; elate strongly; exhilarate.
3. Pathol. to poison.

Slang 1. intoxicated; drunk.

Australian slang for intoxicated, drunk. (Thank you, Marcus)

5. Informal. to furnish or ply with liquor to drink
6. Informal. to drink large quantities of liquor

3. (of a word, statement, or argument) charged with emotions or associations that prevent rational or unprejudiced communication.
4. Slang.a. having a great deal of money; rich b. under the influence of alcohol or drugs; intoxicated.

2. Slang.a. drunk; inebriated. b. eccentric; loopy.

5. pleasantly intoxicated.

1. to remove or destroy all traces of.
2. to blot out or render indecipherable; efface.

1. the state of being completely forgotten.
2. the state of forgetting or of being oblivious: the oblivion of sleep. out-of-it, passed-out, pass out to faint.

2. Slang. drunk; intoxicated.

Slang. drunk; intoxicated.

Slang (vulgar); 1.angry or annoyed; 2.drunk; intoxicated.

Slang. 1. drunk

14. plow under.
a. to bury under soil by plowing.
b. to force out of existence; overwhelm. Also, esp. ;Brit. plough.

Slang 1. drunk; intoxicated. 2. exhausted; worn-out.

1. made unclean or impure; contaminated; tainted.
2. Slang. drunk.

1. brave only as a result of being drunk.

Slang 1. drunk; intoxicated.2. under the influence of an illicit drug.

7. very: roaring drunk.

Slang 1. intoxicated; drunk.

1. Chiefly Australian Slang. intoxicated; drunk.
[1910-15; Yiddish shiker (Heb shikkor drunk, a drunkard) + - ED 2]

Obscene 1. Intoxicated; drunk.

2. to spill liquid upon.
3. to feed slop to (pigs or other livestock).
6. to walk or go through mud, slush, or water.
7. to be unduly effusive; gush (usu. fol. by over).

1. Slang. drunk.

1. Slang. drunk.


3. bloated, as the face.
4. torpid or listless.

Slang 1 drunk; intoxicated.

Slang 1. drunk; inebriated.

spaced'-out' adj. Slang
1. dazed or stupefied by narcotic drugs.
2. dreamily or eerily out of touch with reality; disoriented, forgetful, or dazed.

1. Slang. intoxicated; drunk.

18. Slang. a. a dead body; corpse.b. a formal or priggish person.c. a poor tipper; tightwad.d. a drunk.

1. foul-smelling.
2. Slang. very drunk; plastered.
3. contemptible; disgusting.

Slang.1. drunk.2. wretched.

1. drunk.
2. intoxicated or dazed from drugs; high.


Slang 1. Often, tanked' up'. drunk.

28. tie one on Slang. to get drunk.

or three sheets in the wind Informal1. Intoxicated; drunk. [Middle English shete from Old English sc¶at(line) sheet (line) from sc¶ata corner of a sail;

11. Slang. drunk; tipsy.

1. slightly intoxicated.
2. caused by intoxication: a tipsy lurch.
3. unsteady; tippy.

2. a person, event, etc., honored with raised glasses before dinking.
3. an act or instance of thus drinking: to drink a toast to the queen.

1. to pinch and pull with a jerk and twist: to tweak someone's ear.
2. to pull or pinch the nose of, esp. gently.

10. to cause to become mentally or emotionally distorted;

1. Intoxicated, especially with alcohol.

2. Into a completely intoxicated state: drank themselves under the table.


13. under the weather.
a. not feeling well; somewhat ill.
b. drunk.

1. useless; unavailing: wasted efforts.
2. physically debilitated; enfeebled: the wasted bodies of the hostages.
3. Slang. overcome by the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Slang. 1. completely exhausted.2. intoxicated; high.

1. stupidly confused; muddled.
2. physically unsettled, as with dizziness, faintness, or slight nausea.
3. drunken.

4. a person of ruined health; someone in bad shape physically or mentally.

15. zone out Slang. to become inattentive or dazed.

1. stupefied from or as if from alcohol or drugs; high.
2. exhausted or asleep.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Buon giorno !!

Buon giorno !! = Good morning / afternoon in Italian style. Oh! no...... pls don't you understand that I do learn Italian as the third language. I just have chance to explore the Italian gourmet world at the little restuarant along the road to the beach.

When I walked in to that Iittle Italian reastuarant, I have no idea about the menu on the res board and unfamiliar with the waiter accent. I have never tried the Italian dish before. Which dish should I choose for my meal?

And the 'gnocchi' ,pronounced as NYO-ki, was the special menu of that day. Sure! I can't wait to order it...55 because it's only choice that I have eventhough I won't really try it at the first time! Wow..who will know, it's the good selection for my day!

As I understand 'Gnocchi' means dumpling. Actually 'Gnocchi' made from wheat or flour or potato, ricotta cheese with or without spinach. Add yolk egg, then, Mix it together. After that roll it into 2 cm. rope and cut it to small pieces.Cook them in boiled salt water until they float on the top water. And that's it!!!

My 'Gnocchi' was served with red sauce with green little leaves that I have never seen. Its taste fully with cheese, quite cheesy! If you are cheese lover, absolutely sure that you will love it.

Umm...Windy day with one cup of cappuccino and new yummy dish in Italian style beside the road, it sound great, doesn't it?

It's good for our life when open your heart to the new things to your life. Sometime, it's strange, unfamiliar and make you look dump but after that you will know that life is learning and the world always has new things that you never seen, heard, even tasted before. Open your eyes! Open your mind! .... รจ saporito

Useful links for Italian lover
-Gnocchi recipe with step-by-step pictures
-Basic Italian word

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let's go to the beach

Wow! Colorful thongs, sexy bikini, blue sky and marine sea! There are such my fascinated thing. I luv its all !!!

It's not often occasion that the weather here will be nice to let you go out to seeing the sky, walking on the powder sand and breathing the salt sea. It's unbelivable! How gorgeous it is !!!!!

Beach rules !

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Baked time! Posted by Picasa

sweetttt !! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rainning here! 

Time to work out your heart !

Time to work out your heart !

Nearyly 2 A.M. of the new day but I'm still sitting in front of my notebook to do something after enjoying Hardys Marlot this evening. I'm not a serious drinking animal that being familiar and having knowledge with ALC information, especially in wine. I have only 2 things that I know about wine. Firstly the best temperature for drinking red wine is room temparature. In the other hand 10C is the most appropriate for white wine drinking. The other point is ALC in Wine is good for your heart and make you smile. Tha's it !

:) Tonight, I just want to smile all night in the room temperature and get the good heart health as well with thatHardys Marlot.

cheazzz !!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

it's such a blue day!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Love at first bite (not sight) : Bacon Twist

Bacon Twist !! (little burned)

Twist Twist Twist ! Burned Burned Burned !

It' s such a new Breakfast idea for me to do this 'Bacon Twist' with remainder Puff pasty from yesterday and Bacon in the fridge. Now, after baked it all, I just realized that 220c heat for 20 mins is too much for baked it look well. I paid for being unaware of that facts with the little burned all over my Bacon Twist.

Yap! it's tasty but not impress for first sight.

Oh !!! my poor Bacon Twists, quite sure that Love at first sight will not happen with it, though little hope that first bite still.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

20 mins Puff


20 minutes for yummy and healty breakfast preparing, this is the condition that I have to find out this morning. After continual having bread with peanut cream and jam in the morning for couple day. I try to make something different from usual.

Yappp.... Puff is my choice.

I found the inspiration of cooking from Delicious days website. It gathers a heap of DIY recipe and shows many yummy cuisine pic. One of the most impression pic is 'Tomato Tartlets with Bacon Pestorecipe in the internet'. It looks yummy and fantastic. Futuremore the recipe that webmaster gives in her website, look simple and not complicate.

Woow..... I can do it .

I adapted her recipe and cooked the puff stuff in my style, pork stirred fried in sweet source with sweet corn, garden pea and carrot. Then I put sweet pork stuff on the puff pasty and bake for 20 minutes with heat 200 C.

And that is it. ...... 'Morning pufff with sweet pork' .....umm look yummy, doesn't it?