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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Buon giorno !!

Buon giorno !! = Good morning / afternoon in Italian style. Oh! no...... pls don't you understand that I do learn Italian as the third language. I just have chance to explore the Italian gourmet world at the little restuarant along the road to the beach.

When I walked in to that Iittle Italian reastuarant, I have no idea about the menu on the res board and unfamiliar with the waiter accent. I have never tried the Italian dish before. Which dish should I choose for my meal?

And the 'gnocchi' ,pronounced as NYO-ki, was the special menu of that day. Sure! I can't wait to order it...55 because it's only choice that I have eventhough I won't really try it at the first time! Wow..who will know, it's the good selection for my day!

As I understand 'Gnocchi' means dumpling. Actually 'Gnocchi' made from wheat or flour or potato, ricotta cheese with or without spinach. Add yolk egg, then, Mix it together. After that roll it into 2 cm. rope and cut it to small pieces.Cook them in boiled salt water until they float on the top water. And that's it!!!

My 'Gnocchi' was served with red sauce with green little leaves that I have never seen. Its taste fully with cheese, quite cheesy! If you are cheese lover, absolutely sure that you will love it.

Umm...Windy day with one cup of cappuccino and new yummy dish in Italian style beside the road, it sound great, doesn't it?

It's good for our life when open your heart to the new things to your life. Sometime, it's strange, unfamiliar and make you look dump but after that you will know that life is learning and the world always has new things that you never seen, heard, even tasted before. Open your eyes! Open your mind! .... รจ saporito

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Blogger janeji said...

It's look goodddd!!
l love ur menu wa..
today i decide that i'll diet..
cos i don't want to buy a new pants again.

3:10 AM  

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