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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Love at first bite (not sight) : Bacon Twist

Bacon Twist !! (little burned)

Twist Twist Twist ! Burned Burned Burned !

It' s such a new Breakfast idea for me to do this 'Bacon Twist' with remainder Puff pasty from yesterday and Bacon in the fridge. Now, after baked it all, I just realized that 220c heat for 20 mins is too much for baked it look well. I paid for being unaware of that facts with the little burned all over my Bacon Twist.

Yap! it's tasty but not impress for first sight.

Oh !!! my poor Bacon Twists, quite sure that Love at first sight will not happen with it, though little hope that first bite still.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ถึงได้ดำออกมาซะขนาดนี้........ หุหุ

5:29 PM  
Blogger janeji said...

ดีกว่าชั้น ตื่นตอน 8.30
ที่น้องโต๊ะข้างๆ มีแก่ใจซื้อมาฝาก

8:04 PM  
Blogger Teddy Ska said...

> Jeneji

I still so miss Breakfast like yours indeed wa'. ei ei Take care !

8:40 PM  

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