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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time to work out your heart !

Time to work out your heart !

Nearyly 2 A.M. of the new day but I'm still sitting in front of my notebook to do something after enjoying Hardys Marlot this evening. I'm not a serious drinking animal that being familiar and having knowledge with ALC information, especially in wine. I have only 2 things that I know about wine. Firstly the best temperature for drinking red wine is room temparature. In the other hand 10C is the most appropriate for white wine drinking. The other point is ALC in Wine is good for your heart and make you smile. Tha's it !

:) Tonight, I just want to smile all night in the room temperature and get the good heart health as well with thatHardys Marlot.

cheazzz !!!!


Blogger janeji said...

What white wine that u drank wa..
I used to get into wine society for a while, cos i have to do fan of wine.
Aussie wine is the good one in the world na,surely u know that.
But it's new world wine like usa"Napa California".The old world is France.
If u want to know more about wine.
Maybe i can give some suggestion na. 555
U should try red wine like Penfolds, lindemans, Rosemount Estate,etc
what a wonderful!!
cos the price is a lot cheaper than here.
And for the white one "Cloudy bay" from new zealand is good Chardonnay(grapes type). not much tanin and smell fruity.
I think u'll like it.
And if u like white wine,u shoule find one that make from "Riesling" grapes type like Rockford or Piper's Brook and Petaluma.It's good one.
But if u still in love with Merlot, u should find one from Pormerol or Saint-emilion,france.It's the best!
Merlot from Aussie it's not so good wa.
Ok. Finish for wine class today
Enjoy urself na ja

9:04 AM  

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