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Sunday, April 02, 2006

F1 Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix 2006

I'm not a big fan of F1 Grand Prix sport but this year the F1 promotion around the city make me so excited.

Absolutely, I used my Sunday to inspect F1 racing surrounding. I was there nearly 10 AM. by tram. Wow, it is such a cool sport. Racers in tiny cockpit are fast as furious. The F1 engine sound sonorously growl out of the race field. I heard that purr since I got out from tram. Wowww, it is such a fantastic sound.

Regrettably, the ticket price is too high , $99 for 4 days in, to my budget. However, I was enjoy with the sound and the F1 crazier around the race field. ei ei !!

Fernando Alonso has won his first AU Grand pix. In the mean time, Michael Schumacher, the Ferari racer who the only one racer that I know, went off the racing because the accident during the racing.


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