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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pork leg with rice : 435 Kcal per serve!

I bet that you can't belive that this thing is my lunch menu today. Ha Ha Ha! Yap... it's Pork Leg with rice, How dare I am to eat it after never touch it more than 7 years.

Ho Ho Ho... Everything happened last night when I was during the way back home. Walking along the street that lead to super market was not a good idea because I already stood in front of fridge shelves when I was conscious.

Then ... !! I saw the price, $1.5 for that 400 grams Pork Leg with very clean hair removal. May be I have to try to cook it once !!! I though !!!!!

and that is it !!

Pork Leg ( Steam with Special Sauce) and rice.

Be careful! I checked this menu calories from website. It''s very high as much as about 435 Kcal per serve. Errrr... may be this week I have to serious my diet course. ei ei!!


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